The First Verse

Barry McCrea

The First Verse

3.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
The First Verse


Classification Fiction
Genre General Fiction
Format Paperback
Pages 320
RRP £8.99
Date of Publication June 2005
ISBN 978-0786715138
Publisher Carroll & Graf


The Guardian

Catherine Taylor

John and Sarah appear as faintly ridiculous, their intense practices nonsensical, and the authorial voice can be pedagogical. Yet Niall's crises are powerfully drawn, and the Dublin he inhabits is warm, vibrant and entirely contemporary.


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The Observer

Simon Baker

There are undoubtedly problems with the plot, notably in the middle where there are too many similar episodes describing the group's chanting sessions, and also in Niall's tendency to telegraph future events to us... But then there are the brilliant aspects. McCrea skilfully switches the perspective in this novel... There is some wonderful dialogue from the Dublin pubs... While imperfect, The First Verse is an admirable novel which hints at a great career for its author.


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