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In Defence of Dogs

The dog has been mankind's faithful companion for tens of thousands of years, yet today finds itself in crisis throughout ...

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The Greatcoat

A chilling and atmospheric ghost story by the Orange-prize-winning Helen Dunmore.

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The Whispering Muse

The year is 1949 and Valdimar Haraldsson, an eccentric Icelander with elevated ideas about the influence of fish consumption on ...

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Family Secrets: Living with Shame from the Victorians to the Present Day

In an Edinburgh town house, a genteel maiden lady frets with her brother over their niece's downy upper lip. Would ...

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Lionel Asbo: State of England

Lionel Asbo - a very violent but not very successful young criminal - is going about his morning duties in ...

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Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan

In the spring of 1839, the British invaded Afghanistan for the first time. Led by lancers in scarlet cloaks and ...

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